Benefits of being a sponsor for  Australian College of Care Workers (ACCW):

  1. Access to care worker database with various qualification and experience
  2. Allows employers to select preferred staff
  3. Quick access in times of emergency when you need short term replacement staff 24/7
  4. It will be cost-effective because there is no agency fee.
  5. All license ACCW Members will be paid Award rates.
  6. It will only cost you your annual membership fee
  7. It will reduce your advertising costs, hiring fees.
  8. You have immediate access to potential care workers credentials and identification documents without HR management fees
  9. ACCW members from Job Board will receive award rates
  10. Our members are vetted for their qualifications, hours of work experience, annual CPDS and  ACCW identity documents required to be a member
  11. Care Workers hold an ACCW  “Licence for Care Practice” that indicates they have met the membership criteria.
  12. You will be able to provide feedback about the worker /member accessed from the register.
  13. Advertise your vacancies on the Job Board
  14. All members will have insurance, public liability and professional indemnity
  15. Care Workers will have a minimum of English language proficiency
  16. Care Workers will have valid Australian working permits and rights as per their membership
  17. Care Workers will have TFN, Superannuation and ABN where applicable.