Australian College of Care Workers is a Self Regulating National Registration for Care Workers working in Aged Care, Disability, Mental Health, Community and other health care related facilities.

We are committed to ensuring qualified Care Workers are supported with Continuing Professional Education and Development. Care Workers will be required to abide by the Code of Conduct as well as the established Complaints and Resolution processes to protect the public.

Australian College of  Care Worker’s Organisation is a Not-For-Profit public company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

Our Vision

Members of the Australian College of Care Workers will:

  1. Support, respect, value, provide dignity, privacy and confidentiality;
  2. Enable clients to contribute and participate to the full extent of their capability to function independently;
  3. Protect clients from exploitation, abuse, and discrimination.

Our Mission

Our Mission extends to all Care Workers, working in aged care, mental health, disability, community and other health care facilities .

  1. Provide protection of the public by ensuring that only individuals who are appropriately qualified to provide care practice as Care Workers.
  2. Formally accredit all members to meet the minimum standards for the provision of care and accountability and abide by the Code of Conduct.
  3. Provide accreditation which rigorously verifies that registered practising Care Workers have minimum qualifications, industry experience and are persons of good character.
  4. Ensure Annual registration based on evidence of member’s Continuous Professional Development, with proof of minimum work hours in the relevant  Care Worker’s chosen field.
  5. Facilitate the provision of high-quality care by supporting and validating the attainment of nationally recognised appropriate education and training  for competency, knowledge and skills in all fields of care within the Care Sector in metropolitan, urban and regional Australia.
  6. Provide a professional association that brings together all Care Workers and promotes professionalism of caring through innovation and evidence-based practice.
  7. Enable a strong, flexible, responsive and sustainable Australian Care Workforce.
  8. Provide innovative career pathways through Continuous Profession Development and the development of  improved models of education for aged care and other care field education that are based on research.
  9. Promote for respect, confidence and recognition of Care Workers; raise their profile and advocate for improved remuneration to maintain a sustainable Care Workforce.
  10. Provide immediate access to a body of an accredited workforce of registered Care Workers to employers and consumers of care services that is cost-effective and flexible.

Our Purpose

  1. Be recognised as the Australian peak body representing and providing registration for Workers in the Care Sector.
  2. Set minimum standards of practice for Care Workers in the Care Sector.
  3. Prescribe minimum hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for workers to maintain their ongoing registration.
  4. Promote public confidence in the service provided by Care Workers that meets community expectations of diversity, competency, honesty, safety, respect and cultural sensitivity.
  5. Maintain a register for workers  that is accessible to employers, employment agencies, government, and professional peak bodies.
  6. Provide a process whereby workers in the Care Sector who fail to meet  expected standards can be reported and disciplined.