To be open and transparent in providing information to common queries relevant to
ACCW registration, membership, continuing professional development and other questions and related activities.

Is personal data of ACCW members kept secure?

All efforts are taken to secure your data. All data is saved in Australia. Each person has a unique password to access your login details. We have qualified IT personnel monitoring any breach of data. We have an alert system in place in the event of loss of personal information from, misuse or unauthorised access to your personal information. In the event any breachers are discovered about your details, you will be contacted.

Any misuse of the data will be monitored by our ACCW IT personnel to monitor the access to persons personal contact details. Please ensure any changes in contact details are updated in the membership portal.

You may also contact  ACCW through the Complaints and Appeals which will be investigated. Please contact us on https://www.careworkers.org.au/feedback-form/ Please refer to our ACCW Privacy Policy for more details.

If I forget my Password or wish to change my password or even change my details, how can I login in again

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can relog in and refer to the option ‘Forgot Password’. Click on this option and it will allow you to reset your password after a temporary one is allocated to you.

If you wish to change your password, log in to ‘Licence to Care Practice’, then click on your name at the top right. Select Manage Account. Select Change Password, under the Security options.

If you wish to change your details,  click on your name at the top right of the screen, then select Manage my Account. Under the General options, select Profile Settings. You can then change your email and username.


Who has access to my personal information?

As a Registered Member of ACCW you will receive a digital ‘Licence to Care Practice’. You can choose to enrol in the ‘Workforce Job Seeker’ platform for potential employers or work agencies, contracting companies to contact you. If they are offering work will have access and will be able to contact you in person.  All potential employers will have a unique number and will pay to be an ACCW member. They will log in every time they access a potential employee.  So ensure you update your personal details, qualifications and training records.

Once you are employed this information is recorded on our system to monitor persons entering the workforce. The employing company then will have their own system of security in place. Feel free to contact them as well to ensure your personal information is secure. 

Please note that you do not pay to get a job it is free as part of your ACCW registration and membership. The employment facilities and agencies are financial subscribers will have access to your personal and professional information to hasten the process of employing in the event of emergency.

You can always change your privacy settings by going to Account Settings.


I am interested to find a job. How do I go about seeking one?

Potential employers, employment agencies and companies will be members of ACCW. They will be able to upload the job vacancies which will be kept for a month. You may at anytime access this site. Once the job is filled, or the add expires, the add is archived. 

Potential employers, employment agencies and companies will send job invitations directly through to your ‘Licence to Care Practice”.  View the offer and ensure it is the work you are seeking to undertake, then proceed to apply.  In the event of an emergency if an employer or employment agency or company wishes to call you directly to full fill a vacant position. Please ask for identification and get it in writing via email.

For all job offers will receive email, so please ensure your details are always kept up to date in your login portal. 

Potential employers will have access to your information for the specific position requirements and match your information for the job role. You will then have the option to apply.  Ensure that your qualifications, continuous professional development, work experience and identification details, police and working with children checks, visa status are complete and up-to-date in your ‘Licence to Practice’.


How do I know the potential employer or job agency has sufficient information to call me using my ‘License to Care Practice’?

Securing a ‘Licence to Care Practice’ enables potential employers to contact you as soon as possible if a job vacancy occurs. You will be able to store and manage all your personal and professional documentation, keep it up to date so that you are always ready if a job comes your way. 

To secure a ‘Licence to Care Practice’ the following information is gathered:

  • Passport
  • Australian Birth Certificate / or other country Birth Certificate (translated to English)
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Immi Card
  • Drivers license
  • Medicare Care
  • Proof of visa status/work rights
  • Working with children check
  • Working with vulnerable persons
  • Police check
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Tax File Number
  • Recent Passport size photo (preferably six months or more recent)
  • CV/Resume with contact details, job classifications, qualifications, skills, transcripts, and employment history, 2-3 references related to the work undertaken, ongoing training/continuing professional development