Work Health and Safety

Care workers engaged in direct health care can be susceptible to injuries resulting from manual handling activities involving older persons, moving and handling equipment, and other miscellaneous workplace hazards. All care workers should take reasonable care to ensure they work in a safe manner and in accordance with the legislative frameworks and organization policies and procedures.

All care workers engaged in direct client care should engage in enhancing their own knowledge and skills to ensure work health and safety. This includes undertaking continuous professional development, participating in organizational training and learning activities, refresh competencies, and staying up to date with national and state legislative frameworks as well as the organizational policies and procedures.

With the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic it is all the more important for care workers to update themselves regarding the residential aged care facilities’ response plan, worker’s role and responsibilities, and the safety directions for prevention and management of exposure. There are a number of resources available for care workers to stay informed about the current health updates.

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