Why we started
Australian College of Care Workers

The Australian Professional Carers Association and Registration Board, now known as Australian College of Care Workers, has been in the making since 2017. It aspires to become an Australian peak professional self-regulating body for professional Care Workers. Janet Lawrence-FACN is the Founder and has a demonstrated long-standing commitment to the Care Sector, particularly to the Aged Care Sector, since the late 1980s.

For the last decade, Janet strongly believed that there was a need for a Professional Registration Body for workers in the Care Sector to promote and protect the interests of both Care Workers and recipients of care. Janet’s commitment to this scheme awaited her completion of a Professional Doctor of Education at Victoria University. She submitted her thesis in May 2019.

Janet’s was motivated to establish a not-for-profit Care Worker Registration and Association to validate caring as a profession and protect the public from unqualified Care Workers.  The Australian College of Care Workers achieves this through membership criteria, annual registration and engagement in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a condition of ongoing registration. The Association will raise the profile of Care Workers, who undertake  vital roles in Aged Care, Disability, Mental Health and Community services.

The Productivity Commission identifies that Care Workers are the fastest growing personnel in the Aged Care Workforce. Yet their work is undervalued and Care Workers are not provided due recognition and industry support for the valuable work they undertake. Australian College of Care Workers has been established to meet the need for an association to represent and assist workers in the Health Care Sector and ensure maintenance of the highest achievable standards of care for Australians accessing services in the Health Care Sector.

After considerable sector research and industry consultation, the Australian College of Care Workers Ltd was formed. The organisation was registered on 2nd April 2019 as a self- regulating, not-for-profit and charitable organisation. (Read More)