This Code of Ethics for Australian College of Care Workers  has been developed for all persons working in the provision of care services in Australia.

This is relevant to all workers including clinical, nursing, care workers in aged care, mental health, disability, community, other care related services. Including catering, cleaning, laundry, management, and life-style domains. The Code of Ethics is to ensure that the members of our community will be:

  1. supported, respected and valued;
  2. empowered to exercise their personal, maximum autonomy;
  3. able to contribute and participate to the full extent of their ability
  4. protected from exploitation, abuse, and discrimination.

Together with its companion Code of Conduct, these Codes are informed by:

  1. the World Health Organisation’s Global strategy and action plan on ageing and Age-friendly World initiative;
  2. the United Nations’ Political Declaration and Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing;
  3. the publications of the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council on standards of conduct for all health care workers who are not registered under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health practitioners.

Our society acknowledges its responsibility  is discharged through workers or any person who aspires to be a recognised provider of services to adopt this Code of Ethics. They will also acknowledge and promote every person’s right to dignity, respect, protection and to participate and contribute meaningfully and to do so professionally and compassionately.

Code of Ethics for Care Workers

  1. Australian College of Care Worker’s value: quality care, respect and honesty, compassion and sensitivity & diversity;
  2. Every individual’s inherent worth and their right to:
    1. exercise autonomy to the extent of their ability;
    2. participate and make meaningful contributions;
    3. Live and work in safe environments;
    4. ethical management of their personal information and;
    5. protection against exploitation, abuse, discrimination.

Care Workers understand that the community expects them to care for our aging members in accordance with these values.

This Code is supported by, and should be read in conjunction with, the Code of Conduct for Australian College of Care Workers which encompasses and builds on the National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers.

It is also intended that the Code be read in conjunction with other ethical standards and guidelines for the delivery of aged, mental health, disability & community care services developed by state and territory authorities from time to time.